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Municipal Courthouse

Municipal Courthouse

The City of Pasadena has been working on plan to beautify and optimize the City’s court operations since 2017. The one-story, 24,000 SF building, located at 1114 Davis Street, features a classic brick façade and domed cupola creating a distinctive landmark element visible from surrounding major thoroughfares. The interior of the building boasts a two-story public concourse with clerestory windows that allows natural light to radiate through the space.

The new courthouse design improves public access, provides greater security, and consolidates court operations. The courthouse is located across the street from City Hall in an effort to centralize the local government offices.

The abandoned Municipal Services Building was demolished to make room for the development of the beautiful 5-acre tree lined site. These projects reinforce Pasadena’s commitment to better serving the community by adding efficiency and a sense of pride for residents.

The City had a strict original budget of $14M. With careful planning in the construction phases, the final cost came out under budget at $12M. The City was able to add additional elements to the building, including a pediment sculpture and still remain well under budget.


City of Pasadena


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24,000 SF

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