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Locker Room and Pool Renovation

Locker Room and Pool Renovation

This renovation project involves a large outdated pool and locker room that currently features an unused sauna and hot tub. The confidential client has requested the removal of the hot tub and sauna, more lockers, updated showers and a safer pool area.

Renovating and updating both areas utilizes Johnston LLC’s interior design and architecture teams together to create more locker and changing space for users, updated private showers and restroom area and a visually stunning pool with textured surround for safety. The client approved a modern, moody theme with wood tones, dark paint and modern flooring.

The new space features locker islands, state of the art showers and improved the useable space around the lockers for benches and areas to get dressed.

The finished locker room is both beautiful, functional and safe for users of all ages and abilities.


Confidential Client


Architectural Design, Interior Design, Construction Administration



Features based on events and occasions.

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